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We offer a wide range of services covering IT Management, Development, and Business Intelligence.

With our rich history working in healthcare, fiber optics manufacturing, and nuclear we have experience in many corners of the technology field.  We can help you develop comprehensive solutions for managing IT, data, and even assist you with HIPAA and other compliance!

Information Technology

Whether you are just starting out on a shoe-string budget or are looking to upgrade several severs, we can help.  We can utilize Dell hardware and Microsoft software to get you the uptime you require at costs that don't break the bank.  From the small office that needs one server to the large office that needs a Hyper-V Cluster for high uptime, we can assist you in developing a solution to meet your needs.

Business Intelligence

Need data moved from one database to another?  Need two databases to talk to each other to reduce data entry?  We can help!  We can also assist with custom reporting from your line-of-business application utilizing Microsoft Business Intelligence tools.  We can also assist with data repair, merging databases, and removal of duplication in your database.


Do you have to meet compliance such as HIPAA?  Are you concerned your network may not be up to snuff? 

By utilizing common sense approaches we can help you meet compliance and assist with writing the documentation you need to file for audit.  We can assist you with utilizing the tools you already have, such as Microsoft Windows Security, to make your network more compliant.  Many of the tools you need you may already have. 

Custom Development

Do you need  a small custom application developed or do you have an existing application with source code you would like some changes made to?  Maybe we can help!  We are affluent C# and Visual Basic .NET developers and can help you write the small application you need to streamline data entry or enhance your existing workflow!


Are you concerned about network security, auditing, and making certain your data is as safe as possible?  By utilizing tools already built into the latest versions of Windows we can greatly enhance the security of your network.  We can also make strong recommendations on anti-virus, firewall, and other tools for a comprehensive solution to security.  Security is a journey, not a destination.  Eternal vigilance is key.

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a reliable backup program?  Is that program up to date?  When is the last time the backup was tested by restoring it to a test server?  We can help make certain your backup works as expected or consult with you on a comprehensive program to encompass both local and offsite backup for a full disaster recovery solution.

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