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Welcome to My Site

Hello, my name is James Summerlin.  I started working with computers in the 1990's for my then employer Sonoco High Density Films.  During my tenure there, we deployed a new maintenance management system called, at the time, MP2 to all six facilities in the entire division to lower maintenance and spare parts procurement costs.  Later, after getting my college degree in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), I worked for a medical billing company developing custom automation and reporting solutions.  Since then I have been a contractor for Corning Fiber Optics and a contractor for General Electric Global Nuclear Fuels. 

My experience across all those fields of industry has allowed me to gain a great deal of experience in things such as developing custom solutions, understanding how you, the customer, needs data transformed into Information, being cost effective with all IT decisions, and the importance of meeting government compliance.  By starting my company, Data Integration Solutions, LLC, I'd like to share all that experience with you.  Speaking of sharing experience, be certain to check out my Blog for some of the more interesting problems I've run across, their solutions, and some fun commentary on the state of technology along the way.


It's All About Solving Problems

Make no mistake: either you will manage your IT or your IT will manage you.  Data Integration Solutions, LLC can help you develop custom solutions that save money and add to the bottom line.  Whether we get rid of a virus, develop a custom report, move you to the cloud, move you from the cloud, or develop a custom program to import large amounts of data for you there is a way to do it that is cost effective and we are here to help you find that way.

You are always welcome to call or email and we can discuss the pain point that is costing you money and, together, find a solution for it.  Help us to help you win.

James Summerlin


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